About Us

our mission

  • Spread of higher legal education in rural & tribal youth and especially the women folk.
  • To prepare students for advanced studies and promote research into all branches of law.
  • To establish the necessary linkages with institutions of higher learning in India and abroad.
  • To organize lectures, seminars, symposia, conferences.
  • Student centered education with global perspectives.
  • To promote legal awareness to achieve social and economic competence.
  • To prepare professionally skilled practitioners of law, researchers, administrators, future judicial officers and socially sensitized.
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Our Committee

About Us

S.D.S.M Law College strives to produce competent law professionals. The college is affiliated to University of Mumbai and enjoys recognition by the Bar Council of India and Government of Maharashtra. The college presently offer LLB (3 year course). We strive to achieve the pinnacle of excellence through state of art infrastructure with dedicated, well qualified and accessible staff. Students are ensured very pleasant and thought-provoking study environment. It’s is a Professional Law Degree Programme wherein LLB Degree will be awarded by Mumbai University. The aim and objectives of our college is to impart and share innovate ideology, blending with education. Students were very much enthusiastic about the core knowledge and experience they received. College has been supportive in the growth of students with time, not only in academics but also encouraging them to take part in Intra-college and Inter-college level.

My Dear Students, of all the inner gifts unique to human beings, the most unique is self-awareness – the ability to steep inside ourselves, and think about our thinking, our behavior, our strength and weaknesses and our motives. That is what we have accepted “KNOW THYSELF BEFORE KNOWING OTHERS”, you know yourself first as to up to what you are. You have made search in yourself before making any research. It is an activity that not only significantly increases self-awareness but it also enhances energy among others. This is true because self-awareness allows you to observe your involvements not only in your studies, but in participation and activities of your life.
Wish you all the best in your journey.

Adv. G. D. Tiwari