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Legacy Fest (2019-2020)

The most important event of the year was the Legacy fest. Legacy fest was six days event organised for the students to showcase their hidden talent .With the support of our Principal Ma’am ,faculties and coordinator .Each students eagerly awaited for the fest. Everyone enthusiastically poured themselves for the event plan .The preparation started a month before the fest. On 2nd march 2020 there was a Poster Making Competition where students brought out their inner artists and conveyed messages for creating social awareness.
On 3rd March 2020 a Quiz competition on the topic “The Constitution of India” was held. Where students actively participated.
4th March 2020 was a fun day where one minute games and indoor games were held. Where students as well as the faculty joined together to have fun.
On 5th March 2020 a debate competition was held. Three interesting topics were undertaken mainly CAA, UCC, Justice delayed is justice denied were selected.
6th March 2020 was Annual Sport’s Day. Outdoor activities like Badminton, Cricket match along with indoor games such as Table Tennis , Carom etc was organised for the students .
Just like dinner is incomplete with a dessert last but not the least on 7th March 2020 we had our Annual Gathering where most of the students participated tried to put their hundred percent and made it a successful one. Plays which conveyed social awareness messages, singing, dancing etc were the part of the Annual Gathering.